"MOTORCYCLUS" and Other Extremely Scary Stories

Ryan Veeder
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Is there any emotion sexier than fear?

Doesn’t it feel just great to be afraid of stuff?

Consider these concepts: A wizard. A motorcycle. A book that is too small to be read with the naked eye. A headless person. The ghost of a car. A mummy. A motorcycle. A demonic swan. A mirror.

Yes. You are terrified. Your heart is flapping around in your chest like a ragged flag in the October wind. Fear is engulfing you in its liquid atmosphere, and you are loving every second of it, because fear is awesome. Fear is the best. And now you are wishing that you could feel terrified of everything, all the time, forever.

I can make that happen. My name is Ryan Veeder, and "MOTORCYCLUS" and Other Extremely Scary Stories is my collection of extremely scary stories that I wrote.

If you read this book, you can never un-read it. If you share this book with someone else, you and you alone are responsible for the consequences. If you are at a Halloween party and you choose to read a story from this book out loud to your friends, it will definitely, absolutely be the scariest thing that happens to them all night.

This download includes both PDF and EPUB versions of "MOTORCYCLUS" and Other Extremely Scary Stories.

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"MOTORCYCLUS" and Other Extremely Scary Stories

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